Roses with turquoise vase

This bright, cheerful Persian artwork combines traditional Iranian roses with a Persian turquoise vase. This Persian still life emphasizes the use of strong light and shade using two objects to juxtapose their depth, the vases. Yellow roses are traditionally a favorite Iranian flower. The white tablecloth is simplified in order to show the objects all over this Persian artwork. The warm color of the roses is reminiscent of a Persian garden in summer.

Roses with oriental vase

Roses, a traditionally poetic Persian flower, are presented in an Oriental vase with a Persian turquoise vase in the background. This is a Persian still life with strong emphasis on light and shade. This Iranian artwork is painted oil on canvas. Simplicity is the key of this Persian still life. A Persian turquoise jar in the background, in the shadow of the vase contributes its own Persian identity.

Still Life with Samovar

This artwork displays a Persian samovar and a traditional tea setting on a hand-painted tablecloth. This Persian watercolor is painted very loosely, using the technique of the transparency of watercolor. The objects are spread around while maintaining the harmony of the artwork. The colors are crisp and the objects are treated very close-up, using Persian turquoise in the background.

Persian Still Life

This artwork displays traditional Persian fruits on an antique tray with a hand-painted tablecloth. Strong light and shade and vibrant colors of Persian fruits are the primary emphasis in this Persian painting. It is an oil on canvas Persian artwork. No object is centralized. The eyes travel all around the painting while maintaining its harmony. By juxtaposing the objects (Persian fruits), the depth has been created. This Persian still life transcends cultures.

Haft Sinn II

This artwork depicts an Iranian Now Ruz setting, using antique Persian objects on a traditional Iranian termeh and Persian carpet. This Persian artwork is oil on canvas with the emphasis on strong light and shade. This Iranian painting is composed as a still life and maintains its harmony. It is the Persian tradition to have a pair of lamps in the Now Ruz setting, however, what makes this painting unique, is that it has only one lamp reflected in a mirror to create two lamps. The folded termeh in the foreground of this Persian painting was treated diagonally so that the eye can move and enter into the painting and travel all around the surface. The tone of the painting is very warm and gives the feeling of ancient Persian history.

Haft Sinn

This is an Iranian still life artwork depicting a traditional Persian New Year {Now Ruz} arrangement. This Persian watercolor was painted as a typical still-life painting, using the Persian elements of a Now Ruz celebration. The emphasis is on light and shade and the harmony of all objects. There is no one central object in this Persian watercolor as all objects are equally balanced. The colors in this Iranian watercolor are crisp and vibrant, while maintaining the harmony of the artwork.