Grocery Store with Ice Cream Stand

This painting was chosen by a New York educational book publisher and the editor of a Grade 10 American textbook, to be printed in 2007 in, “Elements of Literature”, under the selection titled “Secret Garden.”

This Persian scene is one of my childhood memories of Isfahan, Iran. It depicts a summer scene under a Mulberry tree. The shopkeeper sells delicious Persian ice cream, which is so refreshing on a hot Persian summer day. He uses the ice-cream stand to tie his awning in place and the shadow of the Mulberry tree is depicted on the old Persian awning. An Iranian boy with two Persian girls are dressed from the era of my childhood in Iran.

Merchant in Khonsar

An Iranian general store merchant seated next to old Persian scales. Khonsar is an ancient Persian city near Isfahan. The emphasis in this Persian artwork is on the old scales in front of his store. The light is shining on the old Persian scale which is copper colored and is in contrast against the Persian melons.The old Iranian shopkeeper is sitting in the shadow next to Persian clothing and bolts of Persian fabric. This Iranian watercolor was painted very loosely and the Persian colors are very crisp, bold and skillfully harmonized.

Grocery Store

This Iranian grocery store, has strong emphasis on light and shade, indicating the intensity of Iran’s summer climate. The climate during Persian summers is one of dry high temperatures, making the fruit quite enticing. This Persian watercolor painting divides the light and shade almost equally in half, with the use of the loose awning. In the distance, a typical Iranian child is riding his bicycle along the alley, creating the depth and distance in this Iranian artwork.

Old Bazaar

This Persian artwork is a painterly representation of ancient Iran. This Iranian artwork was painted very loosely and with a single brush stroke, defines the form. The antiquity of this old Persian bazaar, struck me immediately as something to preserve the Persian past. This Persian bazaar was located in an old section of the Iranian city of Isfahan and, unfortunately, no longer exists. The tattered roof of this ancient Persian bazaar was perfect in terms of opening the brilliant sunny sky into the shadowy alley in the old section of this beautiful Persian city.

Old Market

This Iranian painting depicts a scene in an old Persian bazaar. The Persian carpets are arranged vertically, surrounded by Persian fruits. The emphasis is on the strong light and shade, showing the outside intense light of an Iranian mid-summer day juxtaposed with the cool shade inside a Persian bazaar.
This bazaar is located in Isfahan, the center of the Persian arts. The old bazaars are the center for merchants and tradesmen selling Persian wares and artworks.