Village in Isfahan

This Iranian artwork reflects the light over ancient shaded mud walls in the running creek of this old Persian town. This village is located near Isfahan, in central Iran. The trees and creek portrayed in this Persian artwork are indigenous to this area. The use of strong light and shade depicts a typical Iranian summer day. The entrance of the typically Persian house is indicative of old Iranian architecture. An Iranian village woman, walking toward us and the little Persian boy in the background draws the eyes into the depth of this watercolor. The mud walls of this Persian village capture the varied tones and shades of the trees and the Persian turquoise skies.

Apple Trees

This landscape from the Iranian town of Abyaneh, depicts the cool shade under ancient apple trees in Persia. While I was visiting in this ancient village; in the alley, I observed that the trees bear so many apples that their weight could easily break the branches. That is why the Iranian villagers prop up the branches with wooden stakes, as depicted in this artwork. The strong light in this Persian artwork indicates the heat of the blistering Persian summer sunshine and the cool respite offered beneath the shade of the Persian apple trees. The cool colors used on the Iranian villager indicates the contrast in light and shade, hot and cold on an Iranian summer day.


A landscape of an old Persian town in central Iran. The red soil in this Iranian town is indigenous to the area. This artwork is executed in the Persian Impressionist style. This Persian village still maintains the traditional customs and clothing from the old Persian era. This painting depicts Iranian mountains, scenery and the perfumed wild flowers so prevalent in this area. I have spent time there recently while visiting my Iranian family. The scenery and the pristine Persian air there reminded me so much of impressionist painting.